• Bret Parenteau- SOLD
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Bret parenteau- sold


2018 | Cardstock print | 8.5” x 11” | courtesy of the artist

Reserve: $125

Loire is demonstrative of Bret Parenteau’s interest in fragmenting and confusing environments and bodies and reconstructing them into previously non-existent spaces. Focussing on the sumptuous, this work finds, isolates, and rearranges close spatial fragments to create a new interplay of body and light.

Bret Parenteau performs and releases work under the name BP and is the propeller behind the sound label Male Activity, based in Winnipeg, which releases work by experimental artists. Working primarily as a sound artist himself influenced by music concrete, field recordings and power electronics and manipulation, Bret uses his releases to produce bright abstract collages that are compelling in their own right and a compliment to his rich soundscapes. His most recent recording, Conservatory, was released in May 2018. Parenteau recently performed at send + receive: a festival of sound in early October.




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Bret Parenteau- SOLD