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  • Memories of Overdevelopment
(Plug in editions books)

Memories of overdevelopment

Plug In Edition, 1997

Ranging as it does from the plainly figurative to apparently formal strategies, the new and recent art in Memories of Overdevelopment throw into question the very conception of abstraction in relation to Diaspora, placing into relief the link between separation from the material and separation from place.

Artists include: Pacita Abad, M. Ligaya Alcuitas, Lani Maestro, Barrios Genara Banzon, Eliza Barrios, Santiago Bose, DIWA, Art Domantay, Cirilo Domine, Imelda Cajipe endaya, Brenda Fajardo, Marlon Fuentes, Vincente Golveo, Mark Orozco Justiniani, Eric Manabat, Rene J. Marquez, Maryrose Mendoza, Manuel Ocampo, Paul Pfeiffer, Pearl Pinga, Maribeth Soldevilla Relano, Paul Robles, Norberto Roldan, SANGGAWA, Joseph Santarromana, Eliseo Art Silva, Carlos Villa.

Essays by Wayne Baerwaldt and Maribeth Relano, Vincente Golveo, Cirilo Domine and Pamela Bailey, Catherine Lord and Yong Soon Min, Luis H. Francia, Santiago Bose, Jessica Hagedorn, Alan deSouza and Anatolio Ubalde.

1996 marked an important year for the Philippines and Filipino diaspora as it signified the hundredth anniversary of the Philippine revolution against Spain and the fiftieth anniversary of its independence from the United States.  This exhibit addresses the experiences of the Filipino diaspora through the artwork of Filipino artists located in the United States, Canada, and Indonesia.  Curated by Pamela Bailey, Cirilo Domine, Vicente Golveo, Catherine Lord, and Yong Soon Min.



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Memories of Overdevelopment