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  • Informal Architectures: Space and Contemporary Culture
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Informal architectures: space and contemporary culture

Informal Architectures: Space and Contemporary Culture is a compilation of new and classic writing and visual art on spacial culture in modernity post 9/11. Contributors include established figures in the fields of cultural studies, art theory, urbanism and design.

Informal Architectures creates an alternative perspective on the built environment through contemporary culture by focusing on the works and writing of international artists such as Dan Graham, Marjetica Potrc, and Gordon Matta-Clark. Particular attention is paid to spaces that are in some way temporary, contingent, marginal, or fictional in order to critically analyze the meaning of art, and to provide a tenable counter-narrative to architecture’s dominant ideologies concerning the monumental and technological imperatives. Diverse perspectives are mobilized in order to question paradigms of modernity and post-modernity, such as progress, irony and rationalism. Informal Architectures: Space and Contemporary Culture examines theories or and relations to space from descriptive, analytic and creative perspectives in a number of disciplines. It puts forward alternative strategies and criteria for the creation, representation and interpretation of space and its cultural implications. Informal Architectures features essays, artworks and images, with a particular interest in decay, monument, ruin, weakness, permanence, waste and consumption.

June 2008 Hardback 240 pages 180 b/w and colour ills 28.0 × 23.0 cm 11.0 × 9.0 in ISBN13: 978 1 906155 33 9

Editor Anthony Kiendl



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Informal Architectures: Space and Contemporary Culture