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  • A Good Book
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A good book

A Good Book is a 184-paged fully illustrated colour book documenting John Körmeling’s significant output from the last 20 years and his recent projects surrounding Utrecht 2000 (such as the Mobile Fun ferris wheel project as well as Current Events newspaper insert project).

Director of Power Plant Wayne Baerwaldt considers Körmeling to be one of the most inspiring cross-disciplinary architects to come out of Holland in years and is intrigued by his interdisciplinary strategies for mixing media and skewing concepts of public/private in art, architecture, design and city planning. Since 1981 Körmeling has designed and/or built an amazing array of objects and installations, including a stripped-down car running on hydrogen, dog suits, a public park with faux clouds and sunlight, a ferris wheel for automobiles (Mobile Fun) and drivers in downtown Utrecht, large-scale neon signage on buildings signalling their “birth years”, and many other projects. Each project retains a critical approach to architectural standards and design-build projects, often priorizing the automobile and the urban infrastructure. Körmeling regularly applies a strain of humour to expand the sea of possibilities for architecture and design, making the impossible not only possible but desirable. The combination of a biting, critical wit in his conceptual drawings and his ability to realize the design-build phases of a project contribute to his importance as a cross-disciplinary artist that must be better known on an international level. 

Plug In Editions, Winnipeg
The Power Plant, Toronto
Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven
Soft cover, Copyright 2002



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A Good Book