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  • A.K. Burns: Leave No Trace
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A.k. burns: leave no trace

Limited edition vinyl, 2016

Leave No Trace, 2016 is an experimental audio project recorded on limited edition vinyl with zip-bag, nitrile gloves and an accompanying poem. The recording consists of two unlabeled tracks, one per side, that combine ambient environmental recordings, vocalization, sounds generated from various materials, and an old electric guitar. Leave No Trace is the soundtrack to a forthcoming work that is part of a cycle of interrelated multi-channel video installations that include A Smeary Spot (2015) and Living Room (2017). The ideas that inform this project are elaborated upon in the poem by the same title (printed on the reverse side of the album). Leave No Trace references an ethics for human contact with wilderness lands, but also questions what constitutes wild or unregulated spaces, what is natural or naturalized, as well as the privilege and subjugation of bodies and actions that go unrecorded.



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A.K. Burns: Leave No Trace