• Art & Wonder Issue 4
(Consignment books)

Art & wonder issue 4

The Enthusiasm Workshop or How to Open a Durian
An Artivistic Project
Summer 2017, Intercopy

"Artivistic was founded in 2004 as a transdisciplinary event that aimed to bring together artists, academics, and activists around various questions "beyond critique." Today Artivistic is in #postlife. Its members are inventing ways to support each other in becoming and being awesome and dangerous together. As a bunch of precarious workers, artists, critics, thinkers, and makers, the collective gathers to cook, eat, drink, discuss, and learn, as well as to conduct other experiments in reconnecting art and life. #pochavemorefun"   -  Artivistic, 2017

Artivistic Editorial Collective: Faiz Abhuani, Nazik Dakkach, Sophie Le-Phat Ho, Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, Ronald Rose-Antoinette, Võ Thiên Việt
Design: LOKI (lokidesign.net)





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Art & Wonder Issue 4

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