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  • Black Quantum Futurism: Theory and Practice- Volume One
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Black quantum futurism: theory and practice- volume one

Published by The Afrofuturist Affair/ House of Future Sciences, 2015.
Works compiled by Rasheedah Phillips
Contributions from Rasheedah Phillips, Moor Mother Goddess, Warren C. Longmire, Almah Lavon, Joy Kmt, Thomas Stanley, PhD, and Nikitah Okembe-RA Imani, PhD.
Cover art and design by Dezz Archie
Paperback, 84 pages

Black Quantum Futurism (or BQF) is a new approach to living and experiencing reality by way of the manipulation of space-time in order to see into possible futures, and/or collapse space-time into a desired future in order to bring about that future’s reality. This vision and practice derives its facets, tenets, and qualities from quantum physics, futurist traditions, and Black/African cultural traditions of consciousness, time, and space. Inside of the space where these three traditions intersect exists a creative plane that allows for the ability of African-descended people to see “into,” choose, or create the impending future.

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Black Quantum Futurism: Theory and Practice- Volume One