• Brian Hunter- SOLD
(Art-plug in)

Brian hunter- sold


2017 | Watercolour | 11” x 14” | courtesy of the artist

Reserve: $300  

This delicate watercolour by Brian Hunter shows a deft reserve of paint and colour that allows for a tension between depth and surface. It shows his skill as a painter without bravado, using simple forms in a staged still-life that is an exercise for the artist as well as for the viewer, whose eyes are directed in an endless movement around the image frame, tracing line upon line.    

Hunter is a Winnipeg artist who works with painting, sculpture, video and interactive installations. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Studio Art in 2007, and in 2016 was the winner of the 18th RBC Canadian Painting Competition. In 2012 Hunter went to South Korea for a residency at Gwangju Museum of Art. Hunter’s first solo exhibition, Gut Felling, was shown in 2018 at Library Gallery, Winnipeg, curated by Cliff Eyland. Select exhibitions and festivals include Kunsthalle Gwangju in South Korea, the Ourense film festival in Spain, and the Power Plant in Toronto as part of the RBC Painting Competition awards. In 2018, Hunter participated in Plug In ICA’s Summer Institute. He currently works as a Winnipeg police officer, which has become a subject in his work, manifesting as struggles between two identities.




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Brian Hunter- SOLD