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  • Cliff Eyland- SOLD
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Cliff eyland- sold

20 Treaty Landscapes with Sculpture Paintings on a Blue Wall

2018 | Mixed Media on MDF | 3' x 5' | courtesy of the artist

This assemblage of paintings is born from Cliff Eyland’s frenetic art-making practice. Rarely still, he is almost always making, drawing, painting, amassing, assembling and capturing. The scale of the individual landscapes in this grand work comes from Eyland’s lifetime passion for books and libraries and are based on the scale of old library catalogue index-cards scaled at 3 x 5 inches. Part of Eyland’s practice has been to explore the gap between library and gallery, both of which are institutions that house and preserve. Each landscape in this work is imagined, stirred from memory defined yet indefinable. This liminal representation of the land is a political narrative that pokes at the questionable colonial history of living in a country built on ambiguous treaties negotiations.

Eyland is a Winnipeg-based artist, writer and curator. His work adorns several of Canada’s libraries as permanent installations, including Untitled, Winnipeg Public Library; Sculptures In Landscape, Edmonton’s Meadows Library; and Library Cards, Halifax Central Library. Eyland worked as the director of Gallery One One One at the University of Manitoba from 1998 to 2010, and has shown internationally in solo and group exhibitions across North America and Europe. He is represented by Gurevich Fine Art, Winnipeg, and he is the founder of Library Gallery, a show-case for Winnipeg artists.




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Cliff Eyland- SOLD