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Collin ZippPoppy Flowers
2015 | Oil paint on two canvases | 21 x 26” 

Poppy Flowers, 2014 are two of fifteen commissioned reproductions of a stolen Van Gogh painting. The paintings themselves are striking reproductions. Yet their repetition intimates their status as copies. Beyond formal pleasure, the clever commissioning of these paintings by Zipp highlights central concerns in his practice. Notions of authenticity and the art object are brought into question, while also referencing the shifting roles of artists, and the conditions of viewing.

Collin Zipp is a multi-media artist based in Winnipeg and the director of Platform Gallery. Using painting, video, sculpture, or installation, Zipp examines the construction of the art object and its collaborators – audiences, galleries; collectors. Zipp completed his MFA at the University of Lethbridge in 2011. His work has been shown throughout Canada, in Australia, the USA and UK. He recently completed a large public art project, commissioned by the Winnipeg Art Council.

This work was donated to Plug In ICA's 2017 Gala and Art Auction, proceeds from the sale of this piece support Plug In ICA's artistic and educational programming. 



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Collin Zipp

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