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The ephemerals- sold

The Ephemerals | After Burn
2017 | Lasercut on moose split | 19 x 12"

After Burn by The Ephemerals depicts the three members of this Winnipeg- based artist and curatorial collective. This work relates to their new video After Birth, which will premiere at Plug In on November 23 as part of the group exhibition Entering the Landscape. The video and this work records the three artists, who had children near the same time, perform the after- birth ceremony, taught to them by an elder in an act to reclaim spiritual and traditional indigenous practices.

Jaimie Isaac, Niki Little and Jenny Western form The Ephemerals. They have worked together since 2010 and are true leaders in their community as advocates and artists. They create work as well as spaces for artists to present artwork. They are informed, historically sensitive and very directed in systematically inserting indigenous culture institutionally. They have exhibited at 1C03, Winnipeg; ImageNATIVE, Toronto; the Art Gallery of the University of Manitoba, and Plug In ICA. Their work has been featured in an issue of Parameter Press, Winnipeg.

Available for purchase at the Plug In ICA 2017 Gala & Art Auction on November 4, 2017.  
To purchase tickets: https://shop.plugin.org/collections/plug-in-ica-gala-2017
To place a proxy bid please contact: gala@plugin.org 




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The Ephemerals- SOLD

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