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Kristina banera

Kristina Banera | Pelican source area emanating solid tones on white with low key local juisdiction parade form sign-up board
2017 | 3D diorama/ assemblage of mixed media | 16" x 19" | courtesy of the artist

In this sculptural dioramic assemblage by Kristina Banera, abstraction is rendered in surface and texture. Delineations of an ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ space, and familiar shapes colors and forms create simultaneous references to domestic space and landscape.

Kristina Banera is an emerging interdisciplinary artist from Lockport, Manitoba living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her work often integrates sculpture and digital media to explore psychology of space, the home, and interrelations that constitute it. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art honours degree at the University of Manitoba, with a concentration in studio art. Banera has been exhibited nationally in galleries, artist run centres and alternative spaces. Most recently she participated in I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone (2015) // Anticipating Distance (2015), a curatorial exchange project based on correspondence between two groups of artists in Vancouver and Winnipeg. Banera has been featured in group shows including: Exposition (Platform Centre for Photographic + Digital Ats, Winnipeg), NO VACANCY (One Night Stand/Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge), JUNKHAUS 1: Sublime Consumer Minimalists (Junkhaus) (Media Hub, Winnipeg), BACKYARD (C Space, Winnipeg).

This work was donated to Plug In ICA's 2017 Gala and Art Auction, proceeds from the sale of this piece support Plug In ICA's artistic and educational programming. 



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Kristina Banera

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