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  • DAG Volumes: No. 1 (2012)
(Consignment books)

Dag volumes: no. 1 (2012)

"This cloth-bound hardcover volume is the first in an annual series, providing readers with a comprehensive overview of the gallery's 2012 exhibitions. Contributions from Dunlop Art Gallery curators and guest writers from across Canada provide critical and engaging insight into exhibitions by Shelagh Keeley, Trevor Gould, Susan Shantz, Terrance Houle, Jennifer Wanner, Articulate Ink, Robin Lambert, Kyle Herranen, Daryl Vocat, and Martha Cole, as well as performances by Louise Bedard and Rober Racine, CORPUS, and the Contrary Collective and the Dunlop's television series, Prairie Postmodern. The epilogue celebrates the gallery's fiftieth anniversary with a tribute to former Dunlop Director/Curator Annette Hurtig, an informative overview of the gallery's history and impact, and a curatorial essay by Dr. Curtis Collins on the Dunlop's 50th anniversary exhibition, Golden Jubilee, by the artist's collective Turner Prize*.

The book's seventeen essays are accompanied by over 130 full colour photographs. The book also features specially-commissioned endsheets designed by Articulate Ink member Karli Jessup. This limited-edition volume is both a beautiful collector's item and a valuable resource for anyone interested in contemporary Saskatchewan and Canadian art and culture."



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DAG Volumes: No. 1 (2012)