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  • Diabolique
(Consignment books)


"In proud Dunlop Art Gallery (DAG) tradition, Diabolique is a new group exhibition that confronts and disturbs the status quo, The Dunlop Art Gallery in Regina is lauded in Canada for presenting exhibitions that taunt, and impress. From July to October 2009, artwork by 22 international artists represented in Diabolique will be scattered across the Regina Public Library in the heart of Regina's Downtown, the Dunlop Art Gallery is able to take advantage of its position: to render hard truth and complex narrative in the tradition of critical curatorial projects sponsoring exhibitions that can truly make a difference, for an audience who purposefully walks through the public library doors and often accidentally steps into the gallery"

Essays by Dick Averns, Amanda Cacchia, Randal Rogers and Sunera Thobani, with an Introduction by Amanda Cachia, and Forewords by Louise Déry and Tom Doucette



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