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  • Doug Melnyk: Doctor Meist
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Doug melnyk: doctor meist

A stunning new title from Winnipeg performance artist Doug Melnyk Doctor Meist is a strangely comical romp through psychoanalysis, pornography and television.

Visually based on six original linocuts, Doctor Meist is a hallucinatory fictional journey through psychoanalysis, pornography and television by Canadian performance artist Doug Melnyk, author of Naked Croquet. Published by LIVES OF DOGS, books by artists, and distributed by Plug In.

I know that, in the future, Doctor Meist will receive whirlwind recognition for his first book, NATURA VACUUM ABHORRET. This book will become a sort of pop psychoanalytic theory bible, a handbook for ‘ordinary folks’, celebrated for virtues described variously as ‘visionary, prophetic, non-stop reading’ and ‘erotic yet wholesome, full of sweaty philosophical possibilities’.”



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Doug Melnyk: Doctor Meist