• Fabiola Carranza- SOLD
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Fabiola carranza- sold

Aedes Hallucinates in the Jungle

2016 | Pochoir | 10” x 13” | courtesy of the artist

Reserve: $500

In this image Fabiola Carranza explores the gender politics of ecology and

public health, using insects as metaphors for assaults on the feminine body.

The title of Carranza’s pochoir print refers to a genus of female mosquito,

Aedes egypti, which is known to transmit Zika, Yellow Fever and Dengue.

Transmitted through any type of sexual contact, Zika often affects pregnant

women and their unborn foetuses, yet abortion remains illegal in Central

America where outbreaks are common.


Fabiola Carranza is an interdisciplinary Costa Rican artist based in Southern

California. She holds a BFA in Media Art from Emily Carr Institute, an MFA

in Studio Art from the University of British Columbia, and recently began her

PhD at the University of California. Carranza has completed international

residences, such as Hospitalfield Interdisciplinary Residency in Arbroath,

Scotland, and the 2016 Dos Mares Artist Residency in Marseilles, France. Recent

exhibitions include, The Mexican Husband , Espacio Deslave, Tijuana; Aedes

Hallucinates in the Jungle Malaspina , Malaspina Printermakers, Vancouver;

Fulhame’s Map, Nanaimo Art Gallery, Vancouver; and Imágenes/Espejo, Galeria

Nacional, San José. She participated in Plug In ICA’s 2017 Summer Institute.





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Fabiola Carranza- SOLD