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  • Gala artwork 2018: Sarah Stewart

Gala artwork 2018: sarah stewart


2018 | Collage | 5” x 7” | courtesy of the artist

Reserve: $150

Sarah Stewart’s collage pairs together looping asymmetrical shapes piled and arranged is complementary pattern. Their colour and uneven minimal arrangements make for a surface that resonates as organically occurring patterns and biomorphic abstractions. Skin in shades from differing parts of the body coalesce here.

Stewart is a Winnipeg based multimedia artist and graphic designer who works primarily in the mediums of installation, digital photography, collage, and text based works. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons.) from the University of Manitoba. Her practice often aims to utilize installation to create strange spaces and to explore scenarios that are simultaneously unsettling and humorous. She deals with themes of spatial navigation, illegibility, abstraction and manipulation of natural forms, and an examination of the manners in which artwork shapes the space it inhabits.



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Gala artwork 2018: Sarah Stewart