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  • Helem
(Books- non consignment)


"A surrealist journey through alienation, lost dreams, and self-redemption. A woman loses her sister to suicide and struggles with the overwhelming and confusing feelings that continue to plague her. A man reflects on a decade spent working in a call centre and the strange day-to-day momentum that caused him to unconsciously abandon his goals. Helem relies on a propulsive graphic narrative and evocative illustration to tell the intensely personal stories of two characters at a crossroads. The nearly wordless stories contained in Helem, originally published by TRIP as Agalma and Sequences, explore the two sides of the id, male and female, by delving deep into the internal lives of their characters. Helem, created while Wany was in a hallucinatory state brought on by a severe lack of sleep, also provides an intimate look into his own personal dreamscape."



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