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  • how to be soft: alize zorlutuna
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How to be soft: alize zorlutuna

House House Press

how to be soft is a collection of poems and images that look at ways in which power unfolds through intimacies that live in the body.  Enlisting gestures of concealment, Alize Zorlutuna pairs poetry with images, some depicting ongoing performance project, others depicting alternative ways of working through the materiality of experience. The text and images move between withholding and inviting, reconfiguring agency in the process of telling. 

Bio: Alize Zorlutuna is an artist, poet, experimental cook, curator, intersectional feminist, and committed pedagogue. Working across disciplines, she investigates issues concerning identity and power, settler-colonial relationships to land, culture and colonial violence, as well as intimacy with the more-than-human, and technology. Her practice is informed by a critical engagement with historical narratives and their present-day impacts. Drawing on archival, as well as practice-based research, the body and its sensorial capacities are central to her approach.




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how to be soft: alize zorlutuna