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  • Hungry Zine | Issue 00: Home Cooking
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Hungry zine | issue 00: home cooking

Hungry is based out of Edmonton, and centres voices that are missing from traditional food media.

We are a community-focused zine centering radical food stories, art and culture. We are a space for sharing stories, art and building community around food. We are a platform for writers, artists and creators who are inspired by food culture and stories in their art.

Issue 00: Home Cooking

With our first and pilot issue, we honour everyday food knowledge. We asked contributors for submissions on the theme of home cooking. What does home cooking mean to you? What stories, emotions, questions, relationships does “home cooking” bring up for you? In this year when many of us have been spending much time at home, what are you cooking and eating? What are your comfort foods? Who are the people you learned to cook from? What foods or meals are important to you? From who, or where, did you learn how to prepare them? How do you recreate, create and document home cooking knowledge?




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Hungry Zine | Issue 00: Home Cooking