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  • Hungry Zine | Issue 06: Hot & Spicy
(Consignment books)

Hungry zine | issue 06: hot & spicy

Hungry Issue 06: Hot & Spicy, Summer 2023.
Writing and art by over 25 contributors: Harper-Hugo Darling, Sara Campos-Silvius, Rojhin Taebi, Claudia Kulay, Karla Mather-Cocks, Jasmine Morris, Shannon Kernaghan, Teddy Edwards, May Lui, Lizeth Ardila Ramirez, Dona Nham, Yilin Wang, Tanya Chien, Ellie Csepregi, Misha Solomon, Emily Quecke, Kinley Link, Asal Andarzipour, Karen Lee, Brotherhood of Plates, Ariel Zhang, Ramneek Singh and Jessica Johns.Featuring cover art by Paterson Hodgson. Risograph printed in red and black by Yolkless Press.EDITORS: Kathryn 君妍 Gwun-Yeen Lennon + Kyla PascalCOPYEDITOR: Meara KirwinLAYOUT: Maaike Kuypers



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Hungry Zine | Issue 06: Hot & Spicy