• Janelle Tougas
(Art-plug in)

Janelle tougas

Falle de chagrin mais le rine déborde, de novation en novation

2018 | Patent leather, denim | 2” x 21” | courtesy of the artist

A sculptural wall work that on first glance evokes falling liquid, Falle de chagrin mais le rine déborde, de novation en novation is created from leather tanned by the artist. Its scale and positioning invite approach, playing with dimensionality, texture, and the layering of a heavily worked material.

 Tougas is a multidisciplinary visual artist interested in spatial qualities and their ability to specify the tone and significance of an experience. Rooted in material culture, her process stems from a phenomenological interest in the construction of material spaces and in the affective potential of objects. She makes work to find thrills in oddities, and in the polarity of sensations while investigating the ways in which we make sense of information and circumstances. Following an environmental design degree in architecture in 2013 and subsequent independent explorations, Janelle participated in the 2015 edition of the Plug In Summer Institute. Her installation Cure de Ville has been featured in Storefront Manitoba’s Cool Garden exhibition since 2015 and remains in the sculpture garden at La Maison des artistes visuels francophones. Most recently, Janelle showed open air langueur at Flux Gallery in Winnipeg as a collaborative work with Shaylyn Plett.



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Janelle Tougas