• Jews of Rock 'N' Roll Gum pack
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Jews of rock 'n' roll gum pack

Celebrating Jewish contribution to the 20th century's most important musical movement, the Jews of Rock 'n' Roll is a set of 36 hand-illustrated collectible trading cards by artist Don Hewak, published by Nutty Club Printing.

Don Hewak is a Winnipeg born, Toronto-based artist.  All his life he has loved comic books and rock music.  He converted to Judaism in 2005.

Nutty Club is an artist's collective in Toronto and San Francisco.  Current members include Don Hewak, Leala Hewak and William Eakin. For more information see www.nuttyclub.org

Gum packs include 6 different cards from the series of 36 



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Jews of Rock 'N' Roll Gum pack