• Kristiane Church
(Art-plug in)

Kristiane church


2018 | C-print | 17” x 20” | courtesy of the artist

Kristianne Church has a skill at capturing the nostalgic impulse of Black and White photography while subjugating this very romance by manipulating the image’s focal point. This work by Church is a push and pull between foreground and background. At first glance it appears a typical nature photograph but the artist’s reversal of the image plane blurs the viewer’s focus, leaving one searching in the underbrush.

Church is a Winnipeg-based artist working in film and photography. Her work engages abstraction of representation, and issues of immersion and compression in highly stylized and constructed surroundings. Church completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba and in her final year received one of three scholarships in the inaugural Aimia/AGO Photography Prize Scholarship competition. In 2017, she participated in Plug In ICA’s Summer Institute. She has shown her work at WNDX Festival of Moving Image, Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, and the One Take Super 8 Event.



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Kristiane Church