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  • Leonard Suryajaya X Plug In ICA: PostCard
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Leonard suryajaya x plug in ica: postcard

Leonard Suryajaya X Plug In ICA: Postcard
Available in two prints
5.5 x 4.25 inch

Plug In ICA is pleased to present Leonard Suryajaya X Plug In ICA. A selection of products created to compliment and be featured in Suryajaya’s exhibition False Idol X North Kin at Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art from May 13 – July 17, 2022.

This past winter Suryajaya, continued to build upon the importance of relationships in his extensive body of work by offering free studio portrait sessions to members of the public when he visited Winnipeg for the first time. The result of this portrait session has been amalgamated into an interwoven collage that becomes part of his characteristic visually rich installation in False Idol X North Kin. The installation models itself after airport newsstands and gift shops for travelers on their way to or leaving home. The sculptural elements of the exhibition extend the immersive set designs of his photographs to make that even more vivid. Suryajaya sees these gift stands as an invitation to audiences to ‘find a sense of familiarity in the photographs of the ‘other’, the foreigners.’

In addition to the merch produced to mimic gift stand wares, Suryajaya has opted to further explore a connection with the local community through a series of collaborations with local makers. These artists and makers were selected from an open call and tasked with using the collage that Suryajaya produced from the portrait sessions to create a collaborative work together.

Please visit for more information about False Idol X North Kin



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Leonard Suryajaya X Plug In ICA: PostCard