• Luther Konadu- SOLD
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Luther konadu- sold

Untitled Portrait

2018 | C print | 20” x 27” | courtesy of the artist

Reserve: $250  

Luther Konadu’s voice as a young artist is projected through his ability to capture and express the needs and experiences of a generation of artists who rest in moments of anxiety – related to race, identity and class. His work manages to challenge critically through an unease with how images are generated, distributed and approached. This composed and reserved photograph can be read as a confrontation of the anthological need to isolate, dissect and document even the most common of daily utensils.

Konadu is a writer and artist of Ghanaian descent living in Winnipeg, MB. His work is heavily based in photography, conceptually drawing on the camera’s ability to capture time and alter perception. His images challenge, reshape and expand conventional ideas and narratives; he proposes alternative histories and presents the photograph as independent from reality. Konadu is a writer for the online publication, Public Parking and a contributor to Akimbo. His work has recently been exhibited at Latitude 53, Edmonton; Gallery 44, Toronto; and The New Gallery, Calgary.




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Luther Konadu- SOLD