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  • Peripheral Review 2020-2021
(Consignment books)

Peripheral review 2020-2021

Peripheral Review is an online and print platform for documenting and expanding the emerging and under-represented Canadian art scene, as well as enabling access for emerging writers by encouraging expanded and accessible critical dialogue. We prioritize content by writers and about artists who are considered emerging, Indigenous, LGBTQ2+, from diverse cultural backgrounds or working in peripheral or alternative practices and abilities. Peripheral Review is an alternative, independent platform created to host both new and established writers in providing an expanded level of critical dialogue in the arts.

The 2020-21 print edition of Peripheral Review includes print-only artist spreads by Sarah Davidson, Mariana Muñoz Gomez, Audie Murray, Preston Pavlis, Cheyenne Rain LeGrande, and Karen Tam, and 50 other contributors.




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Peripheral Review 2020-2021