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Peter morin

ancestors, we return you to a vision of the land that you loved so much. 

Performance on Tahltan Nation Territory. Documentation by Ashok Mathur

2018 |  C print | 18” x 24” | courtesy of the artist

Reserve: $400

This rich print is captured from a performance by Peter Morin with Kathleen Morin and Curtis Rattray on Tahltan Nation Territory. For the performance Morin reconnects with Tahlan ancestors by tearing images of them from the book, Recording Their Story, written by Judy Thompson and featuring images taken by James Teit in 1910 and disbursing copies through out their home territory, returning their image to a place they once embodied.

Peter Morin is a performance artist, curator and writer originally from the Tahltan Nation. His work and research investigate the spaces and impacts of colonialism on Indigenous culture-based practice. Working with a Tahltan world-view, Morin uses his performances to shift the colonial view and hold a place for others to think through the personal impacts of colonialism, in an attempt to symbolically de-colonize sites where indigenous ways of knowing have collided with western settler colonialism. Morin has participated in a number of group and solo exhibitions across Canada including at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto; Open Space, Victoria; Satellite Gallery, Victoria; Urban Shaman, Winnipeg; Gallery of South Western Manitoba, Brandon. He was long listed for the Sobey Art Award in 2014. He is also an active member of BUSH Gallery and is now an assistant professor at OCAD in Toronto.



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Peter Morin