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  • Raising Frankenstein: Curatorial Education and Its Discontents
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Raising frankenstein: curatorial education and its discontents

Edited by Kitty Scott

Published by The Banff Centre Press, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff International Curatorial Institute and Koenig Books, 2011

Raising Frankenstein: Curatorial Education and Its Discontents presents compelling new writing that explores the education and formation of curators. Edited by Kitty Scott and including essays by Barbara Fischer, Teresa Gleadowe, Francesco Manacorda, Cuauhtémoc Medina, and Lourdes Morales, this book offers an overview of recent thinking on curatorial pedagogy, designed to elucidate, define and build on current debates surrounding this subject.

The questions posed here are timely and provocative.The five essays, complemented by a collective discussion, provide a set of cogent inquiries and analyses for all those, from students to practitioners, who concern themselves today with the presentation and theorization of contemporary art. At its heart lies the single question, “Where does the curatorial profession reside?”

Raising Frankenstein is developed from the conference Trade Secrets: Education/Collection/History, organized by the Banff International Curatorial Institute in collaboration with Teresa Gleadowe, and held at The Banff Centre, November 12-14, 2008.



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Raising Frankenstein: Curatorial Education and Its Discontents