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Raven chacon

Whistle Quartet

2001 | Digital Print on Rag Paper | 18” x 24” | courtesy of the artist

“Whistle Quartet replicates the way one (or ones) might learn a song from an elder or leader, how one (or ones) become part of a group, and how one (or ones) become leaders when their leader is no longer there.” -- Raven Chacon

Trained as a composer of classical chamber music, Navajo artist, Raven Chacon has an immense body of work that includes experimental noise music, installation, performance and video. His practice often explores the sound of acoustic handmade instruments overdriven through electronic systems, exploring the direct and indirect audio feedback responses from their interactions.

Chacon was a member of the acclaimed Indigenous art collective, Postcommodity. Since 2004, he has served as Composer-in-Residence with the Native American Composers Apprenticeship Project, where he teaches string quartet compositions to Indigenous youth. Chacon holds an MFA in Music Composition from CalArts. He has been the recipient of the United States Artists fellowship in Music, The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation artist fellowship, and the American Academy’s Berlin Prize for Music Composition. As a solo artist, or collaborator, Chacon’s work has been exhibited in a variety of venues, such as: the Vancouver Art Gallery, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, The Kennedy Centre, Whitney Biennial, documenta 14, 18th Biennale of Sydney, and Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal. Chacon lives and works in Albuquerque, New Mexico.



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Raven Chacon