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  • Reading Practice for Rust and Holograms: Nadia Chaney
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Reading practice for rust and holograms: nadia chaney

House House Press

Nadia Chaney’s Reading Practice for Rust and Holograms is a record of reading and thinking. The cento came first, sculptural and magnetic. They lingered as honourable tiny spines on the coffee table for many months until Nadia realized they could withstand some pressure. First interrogating pronouns, then landscapes, then characters and finally actions, Reading Practice is the result of pressing the poems to tell their stories.


At the core of Nadia’s weird history of making and performance is community art and the belief that imagination is a birthright not only for humans but for every aspect of our world(s) and cosmos. Her current exuberance is focused on the agential possibilities of non-linear time in conflict resolution processes.




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Reading Practice for Rust and Holograms: Nadia Chaney