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Ron Tran | And You Can do Anything With them Under Circumstances
 2010 | c-print | 20 x 27”

And You Can do Anything with them Under Circumstances is part of a series of photographs Ron Tran made whereby the artist worked exclusively with the props, equipment and photographers of department store photo studios. This photograph was then taken by a member of the store’s staff, shortly after Tran collaged together the familiar and not so familiar props of architectural fantasies and autumnal walks.

Ron Tran works across disciplines and often in public spaces, orchestrating situations that challenge the norms of social interaction. His performative practice often takes the form of subtle interventions and is rooted in the motions of everyday life from walking home after a night out, to the simple gesture of opening and closing one’s apartment door. Tran Studied at Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design in Vancouver and has participated in group and solo exhibitions in North America, Europe, and Asia. His work addresses shifting understandings of public and private space, and questions ideas of individual ownership. He was selected for the Kunstlerhaus Bethanien residency in Berlin 2014 and was recently awarded for Mayor’s Arts Awards. Tran’s work has been featured in Avant-Gardes of The 21st Century published by Phaidon Press. This past summer Tran was part of Plug In ICA’s STAGES: Drawing the Curtain where he created a series of site-specific works at the Forks.

This work was donated to Plug In ICA's 2017 Gala and Art Auction, proceeds from the sale of this piece support Plug In ICA's artistic and educational programming. 



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Ron Tran

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