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  • Scratching the Surface: The Post-Prairie Landscape
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Scratching the surface: the post-prairie landscape

Scratching the Surface: The Post-Prairie Landscape is a multi-platform, cross-disciplinary project exploring the changing face of Winnipeg through a genre that continues to haunt the Canadian subconscious. Entwining history and zeitgeist, the meaning of “landscape” mutates with every shift in the social and cultural attitudes of its inhabitants. In this context, the “Post-Prairie” is a question that reveals itself in the relationship between people and place. Through the works of a prescient group of artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, playwrights, and many whose practice escapes definition, this question took shape. With an exhibition, a pair of panel discussions, a film and video screening, and conversations that continue to mine the implications of this subject, this iteration of the Post-Prairie became real.

Editor Steven Matijcio

Artists: Keith Berens, Melanie Bone, Paul Butler, Daniel Dueck, Simon Hughes, Jean Klimack, Wanda Koop, Sylvia Matas, Kazuteru Miyauchi, Kim Ouellette, Robert Pasternak, David Perrett, Tim Schouten, Doug Smith, Jennifer Stillwell, Ewa Tarsia, Esther Warkov, Calvin Yarush, Collin Zipp.

Writers: Alison Calder, Jon Paul Fiorentino, Tomson Highway, Catherine Hunter, Rob Kovitz, Robert Kroetsch, Steven Matijcio, Cyrus Smith.

Retail Price: $25.00 CDN Hardcover 207 pages 16cm × 23 cm ISBN: 978-0-921381-33-4



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Scratching the Surface: The Post-Prairie Landscape