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  • Sensing the Future: Moholy-Nagy Media and the Arts
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Sensing the future: moholy-nagy media and the arts

Finding a way to deal with the flood of digital information and images, the changing relationship between people and technology, and the accompanying tendency toward progressive disembodiment are widely debated topics today. In his art and experimental usage of new media the avant-guarde artist and Bauhaus professor Laszlo Moholy-Nagy (1895-1946) anticipated today’s debates. As early as the 1920s he was convincend that people needed assistance in managing an environment increasingly dominated by technology, overwhelming sensory stimuli, and-Moholy-Nagy’s foresight is nearly prophetic here-the advent of digital culture.

In Sensing the Future: Moholy-Nagy, Media and the Arts author Oliver A. I. Botar examines the methods Moholy-Nagy explored in his work with technology, posing the question as to whether he might even be considered a pioneer of the digital. The book introduces a younger generation to this groundbreaking figure, underscoring the relevance of Moholy-Nagy’s work for contemporary artists and art making. 

Dimensions: 30 X 21.5 cm

192 pages, with ca. 400 illustrations, most of them in full colour

Published by Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art with Lars Müller Publisher

Generously donated by the Salgo Trust for Education. All proceeds support Plug In ICA's artistic and educational programming.




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Sensing the Future: Moholy-Nagy Media and the Arts