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  • Solo for Self-Talk Chamber: Ray Fenwick
(Consignment books)

Solo for self-talk chamber: ray fenwick

This book is a document of the first performance of Solo for Self-talk Chamber, a work by Ray Fenwick. The score for Solo for Self-talk Chamber is:

1. Find (create) a place to talk to yourself.
2. Talk to yourself for one hour, then stop.
3. On a different day, repeat (2).
Repeat (2) through (3) until you have become proficient at talking to yourself.

The piece was performed by Fenwick in his graduate school studio, which was room 405 of the Fitzgerald Building at the University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

The performance began January 8, 2013 and ended on April 12, 2013.




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Solo for Self-Talk Chamber: Ray Fenwick