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Tereza tacic

Tereza Tacic | Real doesn’t even mean Anything
2017 | Oil on canvas | 30 x 33”

Real Doesn't Even Mean Anything (2017) is part of the series Introduction to Feelings (Coping with Colour and Composition) (2016-2017). Both propose a methodological approach that correlates the emotional state of the artist with the gestures, colors, and shapes that compose her abstract compositions. As a kind of emotional map, Real Doesn’t Even Mean Anything captures the artist’s shifting emotional states, which move from excitement to doubt and embarrassment. Registered as compositional transitions, soft uniform brush strokes turn into erratic, energetic gestures punctuated by bold colors.

Tereza Tacic is an emerging Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist working with robotics, painting and sculpture. Her work expresses an interest in the relationship between color, formal qualities and expressive states, and is characterized by a bold color pallet and energetic gestural line. After completing her BFA at Concordia University Tacic undertook independent research at the Kyoto University of Art and Design. She has shown at AIDA Gallery, Osaka, Japan; SKOL, Montreal; and Sweet Pup Studios, Vancouver.        

This work was donated to Plug In ICA's 2017 Gala and Art Auction, proceeds from the sale of this piece support Plug In ICA's artistic and educational programming. 



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Tereza Tacic

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