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  • Swimming Up a Dark Tunnel - Letticia Cosbert Miller
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Swimming up a dark tunnel - letticia cosbert miller

Paperback 13 x 18 cm | 5.1 x 7.1 in
94 pages
"Swimming up a Dark Tunnel features essays by writer and curator Letticia Cosbert Miller published through Gallery 44’s 2020/21 Writer-in-Residence program. Each year, Gallery 44 invites a writer to explore concepts related to photography and image-culture as understood through their own research interests. Cosbert Miller explores the subject of water to draw in many of her interests, including Classics, and the writings of Dionne Brand and Toni Morrison to name just a few. The essays explore water as a historical and political site. Public pools, swimwear, migration across water that is forced, willing and unwilling. The beach is an intersection for bikini clad vacationers and displaced refugees. The sea is a boundary or portal where Poseidon dwells in the depths, along with the victims of the Middle Passage. Cosbert Miller brings all these intersections together and threads personal experience as well as pop culture references throughout all four essays."



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Swimming Up a Dark Tunnel - Letticia Cosbert Miller