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  • Tsēmā Igharas: Tailings Pool - Stages 2021 - Postcard #3

Tsēmā igharas: tailings pool - stages 2021 - postcard #3

Tsēmā Igharas, Tailings Pool, 2021. photo: Karen Asher

Postcard with information about the project and Tāłtān greeting on the reverse.

Tsēmā is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist of Tahltan descent. She uses Potlatch methodology to create conceptual artwork influenced by her mentorship in Indigenous sculpture and design, studies in visual culture, and time in the mountains. Her work, connecting materials to mine sites and bodies to the land, has been shown in various places in Canada, and abroad.



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Tsēmā Igharas: Tailings Pool - Stages 2021 - Postcard #3