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  • Valérie Blass
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Valérie blass

It is a critical look at the latest work of contemporary sculptor Valerie Blass. Employing virtually every sculptural technique - from moulding, casting, carving and modelling to assemblage and bricolage - "Valerie Blass" explores the territories between animal, human and inanimate forms, creating unique hybrid objects. The impact of Blass' work resides in the anachronistic way she navigates between two sculptural traditions. On the one hand she makes free-standing, vertical, human-scale pieces that locate her squarely within the classical tradition of figurative sculpture. At the same time, the diversity of her materials and the plethora of bought and found objects she uses, stemming from an enthusiastic engagement with the material culture of the twenty-first century, anchor her art in assemblage and bricolage. This publication presents new and recent work by Valerie Blass, original essays and an interview with the artist herself.

148 pages; by Lesley Johnstone, in collaboration with Amelia Jones, Wayne Baerwaldt & Valérie Blass

Publisher - Gouvernement du Quebec 

ISBN-10: 2551251419  ISBN-13: 978-2551251414



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Valérie Blass